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【NEWS】The Supreme Court dismissed the first climate case’s appeal

 In News, Statement

The Supreme Court dismissed the first climate case’s appeal

The Statement by attorneys

 Today, the Supreme Court of Japan dismissed the appeal brought by local citizens of Nada-ku, Kobe, claiming cancellation of the final notice of the Environmental Impact Assessment (accused EIA) to the ongoing construction plan of the coal-fired power plant (accused CFPP) by Kobe Steel Co., issued by the Minister of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industries (METI).

The Supreme Court also refused to accept the motion for acceptance of the appeal.

Both Climate change and enormous emissions of CO2, the accelerator of the former, are currently recognized worldwide as illegal human rights violations.

Today’s Decision apparently goes against such a global trend, almost slamming the door to judicial remedies. The plaintiffs and attorneys hereby express firm protest against the Supreme Court’s judgment.

The plaintiffs and attorneys unchangingly continue to request the Japanese judiciary to take their expected role in the remedies for human rights violations by enormous CO2 emissions, by claiming injunction of operation of the alleged coal-fired power plant in the civil case suing its operator.

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