Who are the plaintiffs?

The plaintiffs in both lawsuits are citizens who live in Kobe and the vicinity of the power plant, including members of grandparents’ and parents’ generations who want to leave behind a livable environment for children and grandchildren, and today’s youngest generation, which has the right to inherit a livable environment. Plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit include 40 persons from 31 families, from a two-year-old child to an 86-year-old grandfather. The administrative lawsuit has 12 plaintiffs.

These lawsuits could be considered to be “litigation for future generations” as their aim is to leave behind a planet for future generations that is free of pollution and the ravages of climate change.

Voices of the plaintiffs

Message from Hideko Kondo (plaintiff)

Message from Mie Asaoka (lawyer on legal team)

Message from Naoki Ikeda (lawyer on legal team)